Awards Won By This Site:

I apologize for not including graphics of the awards, but then this page would take too long to load. I have not won an award for a long time because I have not submitted for them.

Bow Award
Received 9/3/96
Calles Very Best Choice
Received 8/30/96
Award Ward
Received 8/26/96
Oh's Seal of Approval
Received on 8/25/96
Marty's Superb Site of the Week
Received on 8/12/96
Blondie's Shining Star Award
Received on 8/10/96
Rockin' Page Award
Received on 8/8/96
Cyberspace Golden Leaf Award
Received on 8/7/96
Infigon's Choice Award
Received on 7/1/96
LionArt Dynamite Site
Received on 6/30/96
Becky's Pick of the Net
Received on 6/29/96
Patty's Award of Excellence
Received on 6/28/96
Wynterhawk's Award of Excellence
Received on 6/27/96
Who's Cool In America
Received on 6/26/96
Outstanding Site Award
Received on 6/25/96
Eye Poppin Award
Received on 6/24/96
Bass Girl's Site of the Day
Received on 6/23/96
Gabriele's Top 50 Award
Received on 6/23/96
The People's Choice Top 100
Received on 6/18/96
Royal Home Page
Received on 6/17/96