Beta Testing
iXo-If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for computer programs then follow the links to A Beta Tomorrow, Beta Galore, BetaNet, and BetaSphere, Inc.. You can also try companies like Berkely Systems and Inuit. It might take awhile for the sites to reply back after you have signed up to beta test. Make sure that you are actually beta testing not just using a beta version. Please contact me if you here of any good sites that involve beta testing. I will add links to them to help the users of this site.

iXo Can Test Your Product

iXo-If you are a software manufacture and would like to have your software beta tested please email your request to IXO can beta test on the following platforms, Windows 95, Windows NT, Dos, & OS/2 Warp. IXO has a direct Internet connection which allows them to test almost any Internet product. They also have an on-line system which allows them to test on-line programs such as doors or simply over the modem type of programs. IXO can test with a Pentium 75, 32 megs of RAM, Eight speed CD-ROM, 28.8 modem, 850 meg tape drive, 2 gig hard drives, 3.5 and 5.25 drives, 16 bit Sound Blaster Sound Card with sub woofers, multisync monitor, 2 meg 3-D Diamond Stealth Video Card, Flightstick, and game pad. If the company name below is a link then you can sign up for beta testing for that company.

Products Tested

Started Testing Product Company
9/10/96 Oil Change CyberMedia
9/26/96 You Don't Know Jack the Netshow Berkely Systems
10/29/96 Becalmed Simwell
12/25/96 Web Tamer Accent Software International
1/9/97 Worlds Away Fujitsu Software Corporation