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ixo-IronMan BBS experiences constant uploading which creates a strong chance of getting viruses. We have gotten many viruses on our bbs including NYB, Monkey-B, Monkey-C, Stealth-B, and Tai-Pan 666 from uploads. We cured those viruses, but once a Monkey-B slipped through and destroyed the system. To prevent these viruses from occurring we at IronMan suggest you use Norton Anti-Virus and Killmonk or Xmonkey on the monkey viruses. I have tried many other virus protection programs, but I feel that I have had the most success and ease of use from Norton. We are still developing this page, so please write with suggestions. If you have a virus on disk then please contact us because we are trying to study the viruses. Ironman has almost 400 different viruses on disk. We are in the process of sending them to all anti-virus software manufacturers because not all the viruses are detected by most of the types. If you are studying viruses then please contact us for these disks. Be sure to download the latest patches for your virus protector to prevent new viruses.

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Virus Products

File Product Company 1.1M .8M
AllMicro Anti-Virus Trial Release AllMicro Inc.
cav2eval.exe .9M Carmel Anti-Virus 2.0 Carmel Software .7M Doctor Antivirus 95.09c Thompson Network Software